Don't Park Your Jag In A Hedge,

Improve Those Brakes!

fast road brakesFront Brake of RBR E-Type
GT Spec Rear Calliper

AP 6-pot Calliper15in Disc and Calliper

E-type brakes were woefully inadequate from the outset, even by 1960's standards! We can offer upgrade kits for any application, from improved callipers for the standard system through to fully floating vented 15" discs gripped by AP 6-pot callipers! Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor a system to suit you.
Rear Vented Brake KitRear Vented Brake KitRear Vented Brake Kit

Braided Hose Kits

Braided Brake LinesA Name You Can TrustTUV Approved

Brake "feel" is often impaired by standard hoses swelling. Braided hoses overcome this and ensure that all of the pressure you apply to the pedal ends up at the disc. These Goodridge kits are TUV approved and carry a lifetime guarantee. All kits come with zinc-plated mild steel fittings. Kits with stainless steel fittings are available for some models, priced £71.00

All Prices Quoted Are Exclusive Of VAT And Delivery

Model Price (per kit)
240, 340 '67-'69 Price:£65.00
Mk2 Price:£65.00
Mk2 2.4 and 3.8S (1964 only) Price:£65.00
S-Type (NOT THE NEW ONE!) Price:£65.00
XK140 Price:£65.00
XK150 Price:£65.00
MkVII '52 Price:£65.00
MkIX '61 £56.50
Series 1 E (3.8/4.2) Price:£65.00
Series 2 E (4.2) Price:£65.00
Series 2 E 2+2(4.2) Price:£65.00
Series 3 E (5.3) Price:£65.00
XJS 3.6/4.0/Convertible ('83-'91 Price:£65.00
XJS 5.3 '75-'79 Price:£65.00
XJS 5.3 '79-'91 Price:£65.00
XJR 4.0 Price:£65.00
XJRS 5.3/6.0 Price:£65.00
XJ12 '72-'93 Price:£65.00
XJ6 2.8 '69-09/'72 Price:£65.00
XJ6 2.8 09/'72-'73 Price:£65.00
XJ6 3.4 '75-'79 Price:£65.00
XJ6 3.4 '79-'86 Price:£65.00
XJ6 4.2 '70-'09/'72 Price:£65.00
XJ6 4.2 10/'72-09/'73 Price:£65.00
XJ6 4.2 10/'73-'79 Price:£65.00
XJ6 4.2 '79-'86 Price:£65.00
XJ6 2.9 '86-'90 Price:£65.00
XJ6 3.2 '90- Price:£65.00
XJ6 3.6 '86-'89 Price:£65.00
XJ6 4.0 '89- Price:£65.00
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