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Reground Camshafts

The principle behind camshafts is simple: if you can open a valve further for longer, you can get more air/fuel mixture into your engine. If you can burn all of this and exhaust the waste gases (through your exhaust valve being open further, for longer), you get more torque, which with revs, means power! Alas, reality dictates that bolting an outrageous camshaft into a standard engine will simply result in very poor running, so we've categorised our camshafts as below. Anything beyond RBC4 and RBC12 is not recommended for use with a completely standard engine. It should also be noted that uprated camshafts are not compatible with the standard injection system, requiring use of either carburettors or a mappable system.

Engine Application Part Number Lift Duration Price-Reground Price-New-Cast Price-New-Billet
6-Cylinder Standard STD6 0.375" 252 £535.00 £935.00 POA
Fast Road RBCSU 0.410" 235 £535.00 £935.00 POA
Fast Road RBC4 0.415" 282 £535.00 £935.00 POA
Race RBC8" 0.445" 310 £535.00 £935.00 POA
V12 Standard STD12 0.392" 254(PreHE)248(HE) £765.00 N/A POA
Fast Road RBC12 0.415" 282 £765.00 N/A POA
Race RBC16 0.441" 310 £765.00 N/A POA
Note - Reground cams are on exchange basis, new cams are outright purchase.

Timing Disc

Simple Timing disc for accuratly dialing in cam timing in conjunction with a DTI

Simple Timing Disc

Price: £39.50


Standard Biscuit Type: All sizes - 0.050" - 0.200" £6.50 each


Reshaped valves improve an engines breathing, making the most of your gas-flow work on the cylinder head. The stainless type are made to our specification by the country's leading manufacturer from a considerably stronger, more hard-wearing material.
Uprated valve springs are recommended for all camshaft profiles, but essential for RBC8 and RBC16. Billet camshafts will need the full race springs, held in place by our performance collets.

Stainless Valves

We now have a range of race valves for the 6 cylinder and V12 engines. Lightweight design with tulip-shaped heads designed for optimal gas flow with a narrow seat, these valves are produced from 214 stainless and tuftrided for excellent wear properties. We now offer oversize inlet valves, designed to use a throated out standard valve seat, in addition to our conventional big valves.

6 Cylinder:
1.875" Inlet. Must be used with 1 7/8" seats
1.8" Inlet. Simply throat your existing 1 3/4" seats.
1.625" Exhaust
. Uses standard seat
V12 Pre HE
43.5mm Inlet. Uses throated standard seat (standard size is 41mm)
47.00mm Inlet. Uses Large valve seats
36mm Exhaust. Uses throated standard seat (standard size is 34.5mm)

Price: £19.95 each - 6 Cylinder Exhaust

Price: £19.95 each - 6 Cylinder 1.8" Inlets

Price: £19.95 each - 6 Cylinder 1.875" Inlets

Price: £29.95 each - V12

Performance Valve Springs

Fast Road Valve Springs - Stock up to .420" cam lift £5.65 per valve - RBRVS001
Fast Road / Rally Valve Springs - Up to .450" cam lift £8.20 per valve - RBRVS002
Full Race Valve Springs - Up to .480" cam lift £15.10 per valve - RBRVS003
Full Race Valve Springs - Up to .550" cam lift £25.50 per valve - RBRVS004 TO SUIT RBR RACE SPRING CAP, RETAINER AND TOP HAT SHIMS ONLY
(All above depend on valve spec & depth of seat / valve fitment)

Performance Valve Spring Retainer Caps, Collets & Top Hat shims

  • Full Race Spec Valve Spring Retainer Caps & Collets £15.75 Per valve
  • Top Hat / Lash Cap Type Tappet Shims To Suit (all sizes from 0.075" - 0.130" £8.80 each)

    Performance Valve Guides

    Internal sealing detail

    Precision manufactured to our exclusive design , these guides are produced in high-tensile silicone bronze. This material offers superior qualities both in heat dissipation and wear, and is to be found in valve guides at the very highest levels of motorsport.

    Price: £9.25 each

    Parts and Services

    Oversize boring of standard tappet guides £150.00 per side
    Billet Steel Tappets (Standard and oversize diameters): from £17.00 each
    New Tappet Guides-Standard (Each, Fitted) £48.00
    New Tappet Guides-Bronze (Each, Fitted) £60.00, Loose £30.00 each
    Weld and remachine corroded waterways from £110.00

    Oversize Tappets

    Oversize Tappets
    • Manufactured from top grade chilled cast iron
    • Far harder wearing & less expensive than billet versions
    • Long skirts for noise reduction
    • Available in two sizes
    • 1.4" - For performance cams or re-bored tappet guides
    • 1.5" - For full race cam profiles

    Price:£15.75 Each

    Performance Camshaft Setting Plates


    Works in exactly the same way as the original, but gives you more! Performance camshafts work best when advanced a specific amount, so we can now provide a setting plate with: Standard, RBR recommended, more advanced and less advanced. Precision laser cut in stainless steel, it's got to be easier than using a DTI and degree wheel! And still cheaper than the reproduction item!
    Price: £24.50

    Tappet Guide Retainer Kits

    Tappet Guide Retainers

    Whilst these will not stop your tappet guides coming loose, they will at least keep them in place until you can get them repaired! Kit includes drill and tap.
    Price:£45.00 (Kit to do one side of head), £82.00 (Kit to do both sides)

    All Prices Quoted Are Exclusive Of VAT And Delivery