High Pressure Radiator Cap

Performance Pressure Cap
  • Raises boiling point
  • Help to ensure against overheating
  • To suit standard & vacuum recovery systems
  • Before fitting check cooling systen to be sure it can handle the increased pressure

Price: £28.50

Automatic Air Bleed Valve

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Price: £38.50 (each)

Aluminium Water Pumps

4.2 E-Type Aluminium Water pump - Click here to enlarge3.8 E-Type Aluminium Water pump - Click here to enlarge

Run out of things to lighten on your 6cylinder E? We now stock these beautifully made aluminium water pumps for 3.8 & 4.2 S1& S2 models. Precision cast and fitted with top-quality bearing and impeller assemblies, but a price tag that makes them a viable proposition for road cars!

Price: £285.00

Silicone Hose Kits

Silicone hoses for all E-type models

Many aftermarket hoses are prone to perishing and splitting. We at Rob Beere feel that cooking should happen in kitchens, not engine bays! Thus we have produced a range of high quality, high strength silicone hose kits. Please specify exact model when ordering.

Price: £175.00 (3.8 and 4.2 E Type) - Full Stainless Steel Clip Set Price: £54.00

Price: £325.00 (V12 E Type)- Full Stainless Steel Clip Set Price: £73.00

Aluminium Header Tanks

Aluminium Header Tanks To All Specs - Click here to enlarge Series 1 & 2 Available - Click here to enlarge Series 1 & 2 Available - Click here to enlarge

Price: £315.00

(We can also produce 'one offs' to your specification very quickly!)

Core-Plug Strapping Kits

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Prevent your coreplugs from popping out with our strapping kit. Comes with drill, tap, straps, core plugs and complete instructions.

Price: £62.00

Racing Service

We can offer advice and tailor-made products to ensure your race engine stays cool, even under the most demanding conditions.

Oil Cooler Kits

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Includes: NEW Filter Head, Filter, Pipes, Cooler & sump link pipe

Oil Cooler Mounting Kits


People often mount their oil coolers in front of the radiator, but this reduces air flow through both components and can lead to overheating problems, particularly with E-Types where cooling is marginal at best. This kit mounts beneath the radiator, allowing full air flow through both.
Specifically designed for 6-cylinder E-Types, this kit is easily adapted to suit all models.

V12 E-Type Oil Cooler Kit!...NLS ...PRODUCT UPGRADE!

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At long last we can unveil our ALL NEW oil cooler kit for V12 E-Types. Considerably more effective than the original fitment, our kit also means you have a modern spin-on oil filter. Designed for easy DIY fitment, the picture shows the kit beside the standard oil filter housing to which it attaches.


  • Upgraded old version to full CNC billet machined
  • All British made parts!!
  • Beautiful part, lightweight & compact version
  • Complete with cooler, mounts, pipe work & all fitting parts
  • Price: £655.00

    Now Available As Spin-On Filter Conversion! - (without cooling)


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    Price: £270.00 full kit, all parts needed

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