Torco Oils, AP Brake Fluid, Aldon Octane Booster (LRP!)

Torco Oils

Torco have been producing oils for 50 years (the company's founder invented 20w50!). With a specific bias towards racing, they have developed additives to overcome all of the classic lubrication problems found in performance engines - heat, wear, bore washing etc. Anyone who has seen under the bonnet of the RBR Racing E-Type will understand that we don't like to take the engine out on a regular basis for overhauls, Torco Oil allows us to confidently run service intervals that leave other racers crying.

TypeGradeApplicationBottle SizePrice
SR5 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 20W50 Recommended for full race applications. As used in the RBR/Malcolm Hamilton 7.3 ltr E-Type! 0.946 litres £17.85
SR1 Synthetic Race Engine Oil 20W50 Recommended for fast road use 0.946 litres £8.60
SGO Synthetic Gear Oil 75W140 Recommended for full race gearboxes and diffs. As used in the RBR/Malcolm Hamilton 7.3 ltr E-Type! 0.946 litres £17.90
MPZ Assembly Lubricant N/A An excellent assembly compound, as used in the RBR workshops! 12 oz £11.50 4 oz £6.00
Brake and Contact Cleaner N/A Can also be used as a final degreaser prior to welding. 18 oz £6.80

Aldon Octane Booster

The sad demise of super unleaded has seen the appearance of the dreaded LRP. Is it just a coincidence that enquiries about engines pinking have gone through the roof? We think not! Your options would appear to be:
  • Travel everywhere with a map of stations selling 4-star!
  • Reduce your ignition and possibly your compression (ie make your car slower - outrageous!)
  • Use some octane booster - one litre treats one hundred litres of fuel!

Sold in 1 litre bottles: £12.25

  • Due to the nature of this product, we are not able to deliver by any means & it needs to be collected from our premises.

    VHT Gasket Cement

    Essential for those of you with tin head gaskets.

    Sold in 350g cans: £14.00

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