Adjustable Ride Height Reaction Plates

This original R.R.R design has been copied, re-designed & branded as 'crude'!

We'll keep it just the way it is!...

  • It now has over 20 years track record!
  • It is simple & effective!
  • As with all suspension fastenings/mountings, all of it's components are fixed in a 'double clamp' fashion, using a minimum amount of stressed components - above all we consider this safty aspect an 'absolute must'! Ride Height Adjustment Made Easy!Ride Height Adjustment Made Easy!

    Ride-height/corner weight can now be adjusted in minutes rather than hours. Well worth it, just ask anyone who has tried adjusting the standard set up! CNC laser-cut hard steel for excellent fit.

    Kit includes: Reaction Plate, Adjusting Cams, All Necessary Fasteners, Full Fitting Instructions

    Price: £165.00

    Uprated Torsion Bars torsion bars

    CNC machined from aviation-spec steel, these torsion bars are available in fast-road & full race specification for the ultimate racer! Through collaborating with leading competitors in the FIA Historic GT Championship, we have developed the optimum spring rate for racing.

    For all 6 cylinder E-Types:

  • Fast Road/Track Day Price £645.00 per pair
  • Full Race Solid Price £695.00 per pair

    For all S3 V12 E-Types:

  • Fast Road/Track Day Price £625.00 per pair

    For all 6 XK's:

  • Fast Road/Track Day Price £895.00 per pair

    Anti-Roll Bars

    Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

    To help curb excessive roll in corners, we have developed a range of adjustable uprated anti roll bars for the 6 cyl E-Type. Whilst we offer a spec designed to suit all road cars, thanks to the modular construction of these bars, we can easily supply bespoke sizes for racing applications. Bars can come complete with appropriate mounting bushes.

    • V12 "E" non-adjustable uprated roll-bar
    • Price: £355.00

    • FIA approved (non-adjustable) 6-cyl "E", 7/8" or 1" diameters available.
    • Price: £325.00



    For performance cornering, your car's suspension needs to be lower and stiffer. We can offer advice and supply springs with a stiffness and ride height to suit your application.
    Please contact us for details.
    Examples: 4 rear springs made to suit £195.00

    Shock Absorbers - Steel, Ride Height & Single Adjustable

    20 step damping adjustment

    We can supply high quality shock absorbers for fast road use. With easily accessible 20 step damping adjustment and threaded spring preload adjustment, you could arrive at a track day on road settings and be ready for ultimate track handling within a few minutes. At the end of the day, an equally short amount of time will see you ready for the trip home!
    Price: £135.00 each (springs not included)

    Shock Absorbers - Aluminium, Ride Height & Single Adjustable

    20 step damping adjustment

    As our steel version but in a lightweight aluminium construction
    Price: £225.00 each (springs not included)

    Shock Absorbers - Aluminium, Ride Height & Double Adjustable

    Double damping adjustmentDouble damping adjustment

    As our aluminium version but with double (separate bump & rebound) adjustment
    Price: £295.00 each (springs not included)

    Billet Aluminium Solid Steering Rack Mounts

    Stub Axle Bearing Spacer


    Intended for track use, these spacers overcome the terrifying problem of brake pad "knock-off", where after hard cornering, the brake pedal disappears to the floor! This is caused by the stub axle which holds the wheel in place. Under extreme loads it can flex, which in turn allows the brake disc to push the pads back into the brake calliper. Another axle-related problem with Jaguars is in the adjusting of one's wheel bearings: the final adjusted position depends purely on an approximately adjusted castle nut, held by a split-pin!
    These spacers serve two purposes: firstly they increase the effective diameter of the stub axle by 25%, secondly they positively locate both inner and outer bearings, allowing the adjuster-nut to be fully tightened. This eliminates axle flex and so brake pad knock-off.
    Two types are available, depending on whether you have early or late (Series 2 XJ onwards) stub axles.

    Price: £175.00 (Late type large stub axle), £165.00 (Early type small stub axle)

    Heavy Duty, Uprated Rear Radius Arm Bushes

    Heavy Duty Radius Arm Bushes!

  • Available For Most IRS Type Models
  • Minimises Axle Tramp

    Price: £135.00

    Uprated Rear Cage Mounts

    Make The Back More Taut

    Under fast driving conditions, suspension feedback to the driver can be impaired by soft rear suspension cage mountings, resulting in "vague" handling. These cage mounts are made with a neoprene rubber compound to reduce movement of the suspension assembly. Fit all 6-cylinder and V12 E-Types and pre-XJ saloons.

    Price: £135.00 per set of 4 - NOW AVAILABLE FOR XJ/XJS - (early cars)

    Polyurethane Bush Range

    New polyurethane bush range

    Poly bushes are the antidote to vague handling - improving suspension feedback without the harshness of a full racing solid bush setup.

    Front wishbone kits, price: £140.00

    Roll bar kits (incl D & link arm bushes), price: £72.00

    XJ type steering rack mounts, price: £70.00

    Individual bushes and other kits available - please contact us with your requirements.

    All Prices Quoted Are Exclusive Of VAT And Delivery

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