Filter Plus - Magnetic Trap!

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  • Magnetically traps damaging metal particles your oil filter misses!
  • Re-useable
  • Fits all spin-on oil filters
  • Long lasting and easy to install!
  • Helps reduce engine wear!



Oil Filter Tool!

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  • Remove/refit oil filters with ease!
  • No more mess!
  • Fits all RBR spin-on oil filters


USB Inspection Cameras!

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  • Modern, compact inspection tool!
  • Connects via USB
  • Records photos & video direct to PC
  • Waterproof 11.5mm camera
  • LED illumination
  • Complete with mirror, hook & magnetic clip-on tools


 Full Spec Borescope! - Click here to enlarge


  • Full spec, professional version!
  • Digital photo & video storage
  • Connects via USB
  • Records photos & video direct to PC
  • Removable 5.5mm micro camera
  • LED illumination
  • Rechargeable Li-lon battery
  • Video output for connection to TV



Ultra Modern Inspection Lamp!

 UV Inspection Lamp! - Click here to enlarge 3.8 Kit - Click here to enlarge 3.8 Kit - Click here to enlarge 3.8 Kit - Click here to enlarge


  • Rechargeable & cordless!
  • LED inspection torch
  • Pivot & magnetic design for hands free!
  • 6 LED UV lamp function for leak detection
  • Fluorescent Leak detection dyes for oil, water & coolant available



Smart Battery Charger!

 Smart Charger - Click here to enlarge Smart Charger - Click here to enlarge

Price: £295.00

Fuel Pressure/Flow kit

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All too often we have seen people struggle with mysterious carb behaviour after performance tuning their engine. They've done it all - compression, cams, gas-flowing, Webers, tubular exhaust - but still they finding that they haven't as much top end as they should, or the engine "bogs down" under heavy acceleration. The culprit usually turns out to be the length of 5/16" fuel line they forgot to replace, or the asthmatic S.U. pump. Here's a kit to measure fuel pressure at the carb, along with extensive instructions on how to ensure your fuel supply is up to the same standard as the rest of your powerplant.

Price: £39.50

V12 Chain Tensioner 'Lifting' Tool

V12 Chain Tensioner 'Lifting' Tool

Timing chain replacement on the V12 engine is an unpopular job. The chain itself poses no real problems; it is the tensioner which brings the headaches- it must be fully backed off to prevent excessive strain being placed on any of the timing gear. Thankfully those nice men at RBR have decided that the tool they developed for their own use might be appreciated by others. Now there's no excuse for having a rattly V12!

Price: £41.50

Performance Camshaft Setting Plate

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Works in exactly the same way as the original, but gives you more! Performance camshafts work best when advanced a specific amount, so we can now provide a setting plate with: Standard, RBR recommended, more advanced and less advanced. Precision laser cut in stainless steel, it's got to be easier than using a DTI and degree wheel! And still cheaper than the reproduction item!

Price: £19.50

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