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The future3D CAD-designed crown std and long-rod versions availableNew vs Old

Our piston range has now moved into a new dimension - In addition to our well-established custom forged piston service, for those at the top level of racing, we can reveal our latest weapon. Designed using state-of-the-art 3D CAD equipment and manufactured by the undisputed piston gurus at JE, these new pistons are like nothing previously seen on a Jaguar. Whilst up until now, the forged pistons available for the XK piston have been based on the original 50's design, our crown design has been developed to ensure that the air/fuel mixture is forced into an optimal space around the spark plug, allowing higher compression ratios than were previously conceivable without the usual danger of detonation on the shrouded face. Lighter than any other assembly we know (JE promised there was not another gramme could be squeezed from our design!), they are available either for conventional length con-rods, or in a long-rod format (seriously light!). Make no mistake, these are the best forged pistons available for the XK engine, and are exclusive to us! We can also offer a range of pistons for XK 6-cyl and V12 engines from standard cast pistons to big-bore forged piston conversion kits- up to 4.7 litres from the 6-cylinder with our long stroke crank kit!), and 6.1 litres from the V12 (V12 long strokes are available to order- contact us for details).

name="liners">'Top Hat' location Liners 'Top Hat' Liners

  • We replace all XK 6 cylinder liners to this specification using our unique method
  • Eliminates liner movement
  • Eliminates 'over tight' liner/block distortion
  • Permanently seals liner to liner bore/water jacket (no leaks!)
  • Liner kit supplied with sealing fluid, machining & fitting instructions

    Price: £415.00 per set (3.8/4.2)

    Heavy Duty Rod Bolts For All 6 Cylinder Stock Rods

    Often overlooked in the preparation or overhaul of engines, rod bolts have a hard time - enduring the shock loads of every power cycle in your engine. Should you really leave such responsibility to a standard item (let alone a 30-year old standard item!)? For about £30.00 more than a set of standard bolts and nuts, we offer our uprated bolt and nut set, manufactured by ARP,one of the world's premier specialist fastener manufacturers.
    For 6 cylinder engines, includes bolt and nut.

    Price: £145.00 per set of 12 assemblies


    Professional Bolt Stretch Gauge

    Professional Bolt Stretch Gauge


    • The professional way to tighten critical bolt assemblies
    • Ideal for con rod bolts or studs
    • Far more accurate than simply 'torquing'
    • Far quicker & easier than many think!
    • Far more economical than many think!

    Very easy to use & more importantly very accurate & lets you know if your rod bolts are perfect or substandard quality

    • Better quality build!
    • More accurate build!!
    • Better 'piece of mind' than just torquing!
    • Easy to use

    Price: £125.50


    High Tensile Head Studs

    Again, should a 30-year old stud be trusted to clamp the head gasket in your performance Jaguar? ARP quality cannot be beaten.
    Available for 3.8 and 4.2

    Price: Short spec £245.00 per set

    Price: Long 4.2 spec £285.00 per set


    Main Bearing Stud Kit

    Torque your caps down to 130lbft!

    Full race engines sometimes suffer from the main bearing caps "fretting" against the cylinder block, due to insufficient clamping force from ancient design bolts.
    Our solution? Fit this stud kit and clamp your caps down to 130lbft!

    Price: £205.00 per kit



    Long-stroke cranks are available for those engaged in the never-ending search for more CC's!

    V12 L/S crank

    New, forged V12 crank - to 84mm+ stroke Price:£6350.00

    6 cylinder race crank

    New, 3.8, billet 6 cylinder crank fully counterweight rope seal version - Price:£4190.00

    New, 3.8, billet 6 cylinder crank fully counterweight, RBR lip seal version - Price:£4490.00

    New, 4.7, billet 6 cylinder crank, RBR lip seal version - 115mm stroke Price:£6250.00

    New, 4.7+ billet 6 cylinder crank, RBR lip seal version - up to 125mm stroke Price:£7550.00

    Lipseal Crank Conversion

    When rebuilding your engine give some thought to this conversion. How many people do you know who've had trouble with the rear crankshaft "rope seal" leaking? Rectifying a leaking rope involves removing the crank, which in turn involves removing the engine! Just consider how the labour bill for this would have paid for our conversion which replaces the seal with a modern one-piece item, as found on any modern car. Other cheaper designs have tried to use a two piece seal, as found on nothing this century!
    This conversion is available for all 6 cylinder XK engines.
    Kit includes: modified, ground (as ness) and balanced crankshaft (exchange), new flywheel, modified rear seal housing (exchange).
    Price: £925.00 inc balanced not ground (customer's rope seal housing required)
    Price: £1280.00 inc ground & balanced (customer's rope seal housing required)

    4.2 Crankshaft sludge plugs

    Replacement for Jaguar part number C23761.

    Price: £42.00 per set


    Crankshaft Scraper Plates

    crankshaft scraper plate

    These plates bolt between the sump and block and "wipe" the oil mist from the crank to minimise windage losses.Note:Due to the individuality of engines, these plates are not supplied ready-to-fit and will require matching to your own unit. They are still however a far quicker and easier option than making your own from scratch!

    Price: £49.50


    Fluid Crankshaft Harmonic Damper

    Fluid Harmonic Damper

    Traditional rubber bonded dampers can suffer from the rubber perishing or becoming contaminated. At best this will result in the outer ring moving slightly and so giving incorrect ignition timing readings, at worst the ring could come separated at high revs....

    These dampers use a fully enclosed silicone fluid as the damping medium which can absorb torsional vibrations at all engine speeds. The timing marks are also solidly linked to the centre, ensuring reliable timing every time. Kit comes with all necessary brackets and fasteners and a new anodised aluminium pulley.

    Price: £525.00


    Aluminium Oil Gallery Plug Set

    Aluminium Gallery PlugsAluminium Magnetic Gearbox Drain Plug

    These 'beautifully made' anodised aluminium plugs 'set off' an engine rebuild along with being a modern, lightweight material.

    Price: £52.50 per set

    Aluminium, magnetic gearbox drain plug Price: £12.60


    High-Capacity Oil Pumps

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    This internally uprated oil pump has been developed in conjunction with the original manufacturer and offers 30%+ increased flow over the standard setup.

  • All new 6 Cylinder High Capacty Oil Pump
  • Made in latest high quality materials
  • CNC machined to exacting standards
  • Over 10% increase in rotor depth
  • Price: £175.00


    High-Capacity V12 Oil Pumps

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  • All new V12 High Capacty Oil Pump
  • Made in latest high quality materials
  • CNC machined to exacting standards
  • Over 20% increase in gear thickness
  • Price: £865.00 - To suit early or late spec engines (later spec engines need early spec drive gear)


    Standard & uprated relief valve springs

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  • All new British made!
  • Made in latest high quality materials
  • Standard & uprated specs
  • To suit 6 cylinder E-Type models etc

    Price: £22.00  

    Adjustable Uprated Oil Relief Valve (Sealed, screw-in late 6 cyl version)

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    We now also offer an adjustable version of our uprated valve for very fine pressure adjustments

    price: £135.00

    Oil Relief Valve Rebuild Service (V12 version)

    We can now offer a one day relief valve strip, clean & rebuild service for all V12 engines incorporating a standard or uprated internal spring

    price: £105.00

    V12 Relief Valve Socket

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  • Removal & installation socket
  • To suit all V12models

    Price: £48.00


    All New - 6 cylinder spin-on oil filter adaptor

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    • Easily converts early paper element to modern spin-on type filter!
    • No need to fit full oil cooler kit!
    • No more fiddley fitting of 'bowl type' filter assembly!
    • No more leaky bowl oil seals!

    Price: £85.00 full kit, all parts needed types 1, 2 & 3

    Price: £110.00 full kit, all parts needed type 4

    Click HERE For Application Guide


    All New - V12 E-Type spin-on oil filter adaptor

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    • Easily converts early paper element to modern spin-on type filter!
    • No need to fit full oil cooler kit!
    • No more fiddley fitting of 'bowl type' filter assembly!
    • No more leaky bowl oil seals!

    Price: £270.00 full kit, all parts needed


    High-Torque Geared Starter Motor

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    We have now had our own starters produced. No more adapter plates, these have a bespoke mounting flange to ensure exact location. The starter itself is of the gear reduction type, bringing twice the cranking torque whilst drawing only half the current of the original item. And they only weigh half as much! drawing half the current! Fitment:

  • Roller Release Bearing Conversion

    To Suit Multi-Plate Clutches, Conventional 9.5" (non pad/carbon) Clutches & RBR Billet Clutches

    Roller Release Conversion

    Price £145.00


    New Performance Engine Mounts!NOW AVAILABLE!

    Uprated - Click here to enlarge Super Strong - Click here to enlarge Billet - Click here to enlarge