6 Cylinder Engine Components

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Long-stroke cranks are available for those engaged in the never-ending search for more CC's!

V12 L/S crank

New, forged V12 crank - to 84mm+ stroke Price:£4950.00

6 cylinder race crank

New, 3.8, billet 6 cylinder crank fully counterweight rope seal version - Price:£4190.00

New, 3.8, billet 6 cylinder crank fully counterweight, RBR lip seal version - Price:£4490.00

New, 4.7, billet 6 cylinder crank, RBR lip seal version - 115mm stroke Price:£6250.00

New, 4.7+ billet 6 cylinder crank, RBR lip seal version - up to 125mm stroke Price:£7550.00

Lipseal Crank ConversionWhen rebuilding your engine give some thought to this conversion. How many people do you know who've had trouble with the rear crankshaft "rope seal" leaking? Rectifying a leaking rope involves removing the crank, which in turn involves removing the engine! Just consider how the labour bill for this would have paid for our conversion which replaces the seal with a modern one-piece item, as found on any modern car. Other cheaper designs have tried to use a two piece seal, as found on nothing this century!
This conversion is available for all 6 cylinder XK engines.
Kit includes: modified, ground (as ness) and balanced crankshaft (exchange), new flywheel, modified rear seal housing (exchange).
Price: £765.00 inc balanced not ground (customer's rope seal housing required)
Price: £1050.00 inc ground & balanced (customer's rope seal housing required)

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Price: £225.00 All new billet aluminium rear seal housing

4.2 Crankshaft sludge plugs

Replacement for Jaguar part number C23761.

Price: £32.95 per set