Performance Gaskets

'Straight Port Type' Inlet Manifold Gasket

Inlet Manifold Gasket

Price: £6.90

3.8/4.2 Cylinder Head Gaskets

The best just got better

Our new range of Cometic MLS performance head gaskets are available in a range of thicknesses for fine tuning or restoring lost compression ratio. Racing applications of up to 14:1 possible! 3.8 and 4.2 both available in 0.040", 0.051", 0.066", 0.075", 0.098" and 0.120" installed thickness, with bespoke thicknesses available to order.

3.8 Price: £285.00 - All Thicknesses

4.2 Price: £285.00 - All Thicknesses

3.8 Composite head gaskets (0.051" fitted thickness) - Price: £195.00

Big-Bore V12 Head Gaskets

Will Fit 94mm Listers

Specifically designed for our 96mm V12 conversion kit, these gaskets have a fire ring diameter of 98mm and have been found to be suitable for the Lister 94mm engine. 3-ply fully sealed construction as per OE spec. Available for HE and pre HE engines.

Price: £370.00 (pair)

VHT Gasket Cement

Essential for those of you with tin head gaskets.

Sold in 350g cans: £14.00

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