Mike Adams' E-Type

Close Racing In The Anglo-AmericanMike in the AMOC Intermarque

Thanks to Linzi Smart for pictures

Mike's 4.2 E-Type is a front-runner uin the AMOC Anglo-American Challenge which, as the name suggests, is a contest between the US' muscle cars and classic British sportsters.

The car is currently on it's way to the states to compete in a support race for Sebring

British Beef Exported To The States

The Anglo-American Challenge has two races either side of the main event, racing against similar US spec 60's cars. We are sending 26 cars from the UK and 100 people. This is the first time that an entire UK based race championship has visited and raced at such a prestigious meeting in America. Most of the races are being covered by live television.

I would like to thank Rob Beere, John Arnold and Keith Pendlebury, without whose help the car would not be taking part. All Engine requirements are met by Rob's enthusiastic and very professional bunch of merry men. Joihn Arnold of Brooklands Motorsport prepares all otheraspects of the car to the highest standards. Keith Pendlebury provides an invaluable service on presentation and transportation of the car.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Racing Club are sponsoring the car this year and without their support this wonderful car would not be making an appearance in the US. Many thanks to the club. We will be erecting their exhibition stand in Sebring and giving out literature on their excellent club. We would welcome all those who visit us at the meeting, as all support for our historic Jaguar is welcome. We hope to kick a few Yankee butts! See you there

Yours sincerely

Mike Adams

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