XJ-S Challenge

In response to the incredible success of the JEC's XJ-S Challenge, we are planning many more performance modifications to cover this model. In the meantime, here are some of the products we can offer already:

Adjustable Power Steering Kit

An extremely common complaint of Jaguar models fitted with power steering is that the assistance is too great, making the steering unduly sensitive at speed with little or no feedback. At motorway speeds (and beyond!) this can be terrifying! Luckily for you, the Rob Beere team have recognised this problem and developed this simple kit. It plumbs directly into your standard power steering system and allows you to set steering "feel" exactly as you want it. Easily adjustable, you can even have different settings to suit the driving style you plan for any given journey!
So good, we've fitted it to our race car!

Price: £185.00

XJS Performance air filters

XJS Performance air filters

We all know standard air filters can restrict air flow, but that doesn't make running without one a good idea! Valve seats are easily damaged by sand and grit, with disastrous effects upon performance. We saw over 30bhp difference on a race engine after re-lapping it's seats, the kind of performance you can't afford to lose! These filters use the same material used on our own race car, and offer the best compromise: virtually no resistance to air flow, and protection for your engine! Fits directly into your standard airbox.Price: £155.00 per pair

Baffled sump kits

On faster corners, some of you will now be starting to encounter oil surge, due to oil moving around in the sump and momentarily allowing the pickup pipe to gulp air. Just think, with your engine at 6000 rpm, your crank will have spun 100 times every second without any oil feed! Our kit uses a unique one-way mechanism to ensure oil can get into the sump pan, but the only way out is through the pickup pipe, and has been supplied to the leading V12 race cars for the past 10 years.Installs into a standard depth sump pan.

Price: £295.00

Remember to speak to us when looking to uprate your engine, the guys at the front have!

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